Healing Codes

Timeline Healing

Episode Summary

Hello and welcome to the Healing Codes podcast. I’m Julie Williams your host sending you weekly healing activations and inspirations for health and well-being. Today’s episode is the last in the authentic relating series where I’ve been using the tools of NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to build authenticity, harmony and conscious communication skills to allow you to create authentic relationships with yourself and others.

Episode Notes

Episode 52 | Authentic Relating Series Ep. 6 of 6. In today’s episode, Timeline Healing, I will guide you in an exercise and meditation to uncover and repattern childhood conditioning that are underneath emotional triggers that keep you from staying grounded, embodied and authentic when faced with conflict situations, internally or externally.  I’ll also guide you to revise limiting beliefs into empowering ones to support authentic relationships.

Key Topics include:

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